Price and Selecting an Entertainer

The mobile DJ industry has evolved significantly over the past twenty-five years as a viable business yielding more full-time professionals than ever before. Just as the DJ profession has become more sophisticated, our clients require and/or expect more today than "just music". Some top DJs now perform multiple roles and provide many technical services to accommodate the demands of modern day clients. Therefore, many full-time/multi-system DJ company rates have increased proportionately approaching the rates of other mainstream professions. These rates are not unjustly inflated, but necessary to maintain the operations of the business and to provide a livable income for the owner.

While it may be attractive to shop for a DJ by price, it is not a wise approach as all DJ services are not equal. Price alone should not be the definitive factor in this decision. There are many other more revealing questions that can be asked than "how much do you charge?" to determine if a prospective MC/DJ can deliver your expectations. The lowest priced DJ is rarely the best value, but a higher priced DJ is not necessarily the right fit for you or your event either. There are distinguishing traits such as style, personality and skills of the DJ which can make a major difference. You should really "get to know" the DJ when making such a crucial decision. The DJ sets the tone of your event and holds the power to significantly influence the success or failure of your best plans.

The rates that are charged by most DJ services are generally based on several factors such as: years of experience, part-time or full-time operation, business overhead, unique skills and talents, personnel assignment per event, equipment and music library investments, reputation and popularity. Most often DJs that are full-time, most experienced, with polished skills and a proven reputation, offering higher quality services will charge higher rates than novice or intermediate level DJs. It is not a good idea to chance ruining your celebration by trying to save a few dollars on a discount DJ. When you consider the total cost of most events, (typically wedding receptions) the average 5% to 8% that is usually spent on entertainment, is a small investment to insure success.

DJ rates in the Louisville market can range from $500 to $1800 for 4 hours of performance. This disparity in rates exists due to the varying factors aforementioned in this section. Our rates also fit within this range because we provide music and entertainment for many different occasions - from a simple private party of 50 in a small venue on a Friday night requiring only a small sound system - to a highly involved gala event in a grand ballroom for 500 guests on a prime Saturday night requiring our deluxe high-powered sound system.

For your convenience, we feature an online instant price quote service for your general planning reference. Before we can quote our best price for your engagement, we must be informed of all the details such as when, where and what you want and need. The following factors must be taken into consideration: what type of event, day of the week, time of the year, number of hours required, the venue and it's location, amount of equipment required, complexity of setup, how much coordination and interaction will be required, number of entertainers required and the MC/DJ skill level needed for the event.

Our rates are quite competitive when compared to other DJ services of our caliber. We invite you to contact us at your convenience to discuss your special event and we will determine a personalized rate for you. We want to earn your business. Our commitment to high quality service makes Yancey Entertainment Service a wise choice and a great value for your investment.