About The Owner

I, Marshall C. Yancey, am a native of Oxford, North Carolina and a graduate of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University with a degree in Industrial Engineering Technology. I have held corporate positions with General Motors Buick Motor Division in Flint, Michigan for two years and then relocated to Louisville in May of 1974 where I have held positions with General Electric (Refrigeration Division) through March of 1990.

I have always had an appreciation for many different styles of music, an extensive music library and a strong interest in audiophile stereo equipment. My passion for music and special talent for music programming were noticed and encouraged by many in the early 70's when I was repeatedly asked to be the DJ at small parties. This passion for entertaining and unrelenting entrepreneurial aspirations eventually led to the founding of Yancey Entertainment Service, LLC during the summer of 1978. I operated successfully as a single system performer and later expanded as a multi-system company on a part-time basis while employed at General Electric for almost 12 years until 1990. My employment at GE Company was terminated due to corporate downsizing. A confirmed reputation, a solid clientele base and increasing demands gave me the confidence to take a leap of faith to pursue self-employment full-time.

Presently I am proud and fortunate to own and operate a successful and thriving entertainment and sound reinforcement business that is highly respected. This was not achieved by chance. I have never compromised quality and believe that integrity, perseverance and hard work are elements of success. It has been confirmed that Yancey Entertainment Service has enjoyed a superb reputation as a DJ service of choice largely influenced by my leadership, unique style and signature "smooth" baritone voice.

Besides music, I enjoy custom and vintage cars, auto drag racing, reading technical magazines, basketball, socializing and singing. Since 1986, I have been the director of the audio visual ministry team at First Baptist Church of Jeffersontown. I feel especially blessed to have a profession that is truly my passion. It is also quite gratifying to have had so many opportunities to develope great relationships during my career and to have genuine respect from my colleagues.